The Young Bucks Lightly Roast WWE

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The Young Bucks Lightly Roast WWE

The AEW World Tag Team Champion, The Young Bucks recently lightly roasted WWE. They spoke about WWE on Wrestling Inc. Daily. They recently wrote a book called Killing The Business: From Backyards To The Big Leagues" The Young Bucks were former indie wrestling stars, and they fought in their last indie event a year ago.

During this time, WCW was not operating.

The Young Bucks Lightly Roast WWE NXT

"Maybe so. What's funny though is it didn't really feel like an indie boom period at that time, specifically in California because a lot of people from California will say the same thing," Nick pointed out.

"They'll say, 'Get out of California if you want to make it in wrestling,' and we always heard that as young wrestlers. "And it actually scared us because we're like, 'Man, really? Do we have to move somewhere?' And we never wanted to because we're California boys, and so it was like, 'Man, how do we get out of California to make it?' And luckily, we got a break, and we went to Japan for the very first time in 2009.

So it actually took us quite a few years to get a small break to get out of California, but getting out of California actually helped our career more, and I would say the indie boom period actually came a little bit later after that."

They then added that it was a dark period for indie wrestling as there wasn’t enough money on the indie circuit. "I remember it being kind of a cold period. There was no money in wrestling, zero money" Matt pointed out.

"We talk about it in the book where I remember how blown away we were when Generico told us how much money he was making, I don't remember what the number was. It was like $25,000 a year, and we were like, 'What?' We're making $25 a match.

That shows you how bad it was”. The Young Bucks then lightly roasted NXT by stating that they do not watch the show. They also praised their idol Shawn Michaels, and they are fighting him in the Wednesday Night Wars. "It's weird when you're in the thick of things and you're in the middle of it all, you don't even think about it," Nick said.

"So it's probably something we'll think about later on in life, but as of now, I didn't even think of that question because we're so involved with every detail [and] every little thing that's going on with Dynamite that it's hard to even think about the other show at all.

"I forget that they have shows," Matt, of The Young Bucks admitted. "It's tunnel vision to our own product. It's like, 'Oh yeah, that's right. There's another show tonight. That's right.'

"And that's the mentality of Dynamite and AEW is we'd never wanted to know what that show is doing because we feel like if we do know, then it might screw up our brains and our minds on how we book things as well," Nick revealed. "So we never have wanted to get caught up in any of that."