Jim Ross On Calling XFL Games

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Jim Ross On Calling XFL Games

Jim Ross is without a doubt one of the greatest wrestling commentators of all time and he recently spoke about how much he was getting paid for calling an XFL game. XFL was a football league that was created by Vince McMahon.

XLF was recently bought out by The Rock’s investment company as the company could not function during the pandemic. Jim Ross revealed that he made $15,000 per game he called.

Jim Ross Talks About Calling XFL Games

"There were high hopes for it," Ross said.

"The football was so bad. My $15,000 a game that I got paid for doing XFL games did not contribute too badly to that $6.5 million loss. I had a lot more fun than $15,000; I really did. To be able to call football on television was a dream come true for me.

I look back, and aside from the losses for the company, that was one of the more fun years of my career. "It started taking a lot of time, people were doing 2 jobs or more, including myself. I never complained about the work schedule.

When the XFL came in, I was on a 7 day a week run officially. I remember doing a game in Chicago, jumping on the McMahons' plane, and flying to Phoenix to do a pay-per-view the next day. It was very busy, but I loved the pace.

It made that adrenaline rush a lot easier." Ross spoke about FOX holding their end of the bargain by promoting Smackdown on Sunday during Football games. According to Ross, FOX can’t be blamed at all for Smackdown’s extremely low ratings.

Smackdown is not getting good ratings ever since it moved from the USA Network to FOX. "You watch an NFL game now on FOX, they're promoting the hell out of SmackDown," Ross said. "That's unheard of. They've kept their word there promoting the hell out of SmackDown.

If SmackDown ratings are not where everybody wants - I don't know that to be the case - then it's not because the show is not being promoted." The co-host Conrad Thompson then asked about why Ross believes that FOX is still promoting Smackdown.

Ross believes that FOX has invested a lot in the brand and it only makes sense to promote it despite Smackdown not producing the results that FOX wants. "Fox made a commitment with all that money and part of that commitment was promotional time," Jim Ross said.

"Fox is just keeping their end of the deal. Whether the ratings are where they want or not, Fox is maintaining their commitment and I think that's what they should do. They're trying to build a brand. The other side of that equation is the promoter has got to come through with compelling television."