Sting makes surprising AEW debut

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Sting makes surprising AEW debut

In the last episode of Dynamite which was staged just over a day ago, AEW gave fans an incredible emotion, making the legendary Sting debut in its rings, after having seen him for 30 years in the rings of WCW, TNA and WWE.

At the age of 62, in fact, Sting returned to tread the rings of a company of international importance, after the brief stint he had with the McMahons a few years ago, returning however with a role, at the moment, which would seem not to include big bumps great matches given the age and physical condition of the athlete.

After shaking the entire pro-wrestling world to its foundations with his debut in America's number two company, Sting has also created a record never seen before, with the highest number of shirts sold in the first single day of sales on the official shop of AEW athletes and all those great athletes who are not part of the WWE.

Sting makes surprising AEW debut

The owner of Pro Wrestling Tees, an important portal where you can buy anything that is part of the ring attire or clothing dedicated to the favorites of the AEW ring or other important world companies, has in fact reported in the last few hours how Sting's debut in AEW has made sales on the site soar, that it became the best-selling t-shirt in the history of the site in just 24 hours.

As reported by Ryan Barkan on Instagram, in fact, the t-shirt that of Sting, in less than a day, managed to sell more than any other item of clothing dedicated to any wrestler in just 24 hours. For only $24.99, you too can take home the t-shirt dedicated to Sting, signed AEW, with the debut in the rings of the special episode of Dynamite, dedicated to Winter Is Coming, which will be talked about for the weeks to come, given that as confirmed by AEW Sting is said to have signed a multi-year contract with the company and that as early as next week the legendary wrestler will be present at Dynamite to address his first public speech in front of the company's cameras.

There are certainly benefits to being a member of the AEW roster. No doubt Tony Khan paid Sting well and there's good crop of veterans and young talent for Sting to work with moving forward. That said, the money, the mentorship and the opportunities were probably there for Sting in WWE.

Had he wanted them and had he made it clear he was interested in a full-time on-air role with Vince McMahon's company, Vinnie Mac probably would have found something for him.