Backstage details on AEW and Impact Wrestling relationship

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Backstage details on AEW and Impact Wrestling relationship

During the night, the two weekly episodes of NXT and Dynamite were staged as usual, with WWE and AEW who, as usual, tried to put on the best show from their roster, to try to win infinity war of ratings, which every week gives surprises.

If the WWE has managed to put on a good episode of the yellow show, as far as AEW is concerned, the Khan family has instead been able to literally shake the entire world of pro-wrestling, going to bring back none other than the WWE Hall of Famer and former WCW and TNA historical athlete, Sting, who appeared in the general uproar and to the great surprise of fans to clean up the ring, while in the arena it was literally snowing.

Apparently, Sting's was not the only surprise of the evening, with Kenny Omega managing to defeat reigning AEW champion Jon Moxley, becoming AEW Champion for the first time in his career and running away from the arena in the company of Don Callis, with the two who let slip some comments regarding a possible appearance of the new champion on the screens of Impact Wrestling, next Tuesday.

Big surprises coming from AEW-Impact Wrestling

Apparently, according to what has been revealed by the Wrestling Observer, All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling, are said to be having a real twinning, with several athletes of the two companies who could soon change the show, to go to battle with athletes under contract with the opposing company, in one of the most interesting associations of recent years in the world of pro-wrestling, which could bring numerous innovations to the rings of both companies.

According to what was also reported by Dave Meltzer, in the next episode of Impact Wrestling, broadcast next Tuesday, the new AEW world champion, Kenny Omega, should appear, most likely in the company of Don Callis, a character who was fundamental for both AEW that for Impact and that in the near future should appear as Omega's manager in AEW.

In Tuesday's episode, Omega should only do one segment with an interview, the same thing that should happen the next day on the AEW television screens, with the angle that should thus start the twinning between the two rival WWE companies, which together they are certainly stronger than alone.

We'll see if now McMahon will come up with something loud and sensational to counter the AEW shows on Wednesday nights or if they continue to walk their own path regardless of the competition's work.