AEW tops WWE NXT this week

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AEW tops WWE NXT this week

This past Wednesday evening will hardly be forgotten by pro-wrestling fans from all over the world, thanks to the huge episode staged by All Elite Wrestling (AEW), which with Sting's sensational debut really made the whole world of the discipline tremble.

Thanks to the debut of the WWE Hall of Famer and former historic athlete of WCW and TNA, in fact, the AEW has managed to receive that worldwide visibility that it still lacked a little, literally rising to another level of interest from fans, that now they will certainly not miss the next episode of the weekly show of the company of the Khans for the world.

In fact, with just the debut of the Stinger, the site that sells the merchandising of the number 2 company in the United States, Pro Wrestling Tees, recorded a sensational sales record on the first day for the shirt dedicated to him.

No other athlete in the history of the site had in fact sold so much on the first day of the apparel launch. As was easily understood after the events that occurred at Winter is Coming, the number of viewers who followed Dynamite instead of WWE's NXT was much higher, with next week's numbers looking even higher for the company of the Khans, given that Sting's first live speech in front of Dynamite's cameras has already been advertised.

Update on Sting's AEW debut

In this week's war of ratings, reported as always by the well-known site ShowBuzz Daily, WWE has in fact reached a quota of 658,000 viewers, while Dynamite has reached almost a million, grabbing a nice 913,000.

The numbers have increased significantly compared to those of last week, where Dynamite had only reached 710,000 viewers, while NXT was still at 712,000. With the sensational arrival of Sting on the AEW rings and with the sudden changes arrived in the main event, with Kenny Omega new world champion, who revealed thanks to Don Callis that a twinning with Impact Wrestling is now upon us, a further an increase in audience ratings for the program broadcast by TNT on Wednesday evenings, while NXT remains on the "standard" threshold of ratings on which it has now settled for weeks.

Meltzer has talked about the decision working out well for AEW already. "Sting’s debut was very much designed to be there for Christmas season merchandising. Good signs on 12/3 was that the Impact web site crashed and Sting set a Pro Wrestling Tees all-time record for one day sales of any T-shirt in its history."

There was plenty of buzz created by Sting's debut, as well as the potential AEW and IMPACT Wrestling crossover coming out of AEW's "Winter Is Coming" event. It remains to be seen how AEW will use the WWE Hall of Famer in the upcoming weeks.