CM Punk on the Idea of Wrestling AEW Talents

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CM Punk on the Idea of Wrestling AEW Talents

Popular former WWE Wrestler CM Punk was on Oral Sessions recently and he spoke about the idea of wrestling AEW wrestlers. CM Punk is best known for his work inside WWE. however, he was a very famous indie star before he joined WWE and many people knew him from the indies.

Ever since quitting WWE, he has never stepped foot inside a wrestling ring. Many thought that he would actually end up joining All Elite Wrestling, but that also never happened. He first spoke about his career and the original idea that he had for The Shield group.

CM Punk on Potentially Fighting AEW Talents

"The whole Shield thing was I needed guys to work. That was it, super selfish honestly," Punk admitted. "I don't know if you remember Eric Pankowski. Eric Pankowski was somebody that was hired to be a head writer, and that is a job that has an expiration date.

He wasn't there for a long time at least, and one of his ideas was, 'we want to have some guys with you, some bad guys to protect you, be a chicken s--t heel.' And I was like, great, and he said, Daniel Bryan and Big Show”.

Punk then spoke about the current professional wrestling landscape. He stated that the current wrestling scene does not suit him. Many people still want to see CM Punk return to wrestle. He then spoke about AEW vs WWE. "Well, I think the landscape is currently much different than when I left," Punk noted.

"You could play the game where you're like, 'oh, if AEW was an option, would you have gone right after you left WWE?' If you're going to play that game, there's no way they would have handled it the way they handled it with suspending me for two months, and then nobody contacting me and then the next thing I know, I get release papers on my wedding day.

"That wouldn't have happened if there was an AEW because then they probably would have approached me and been like, 'hey, your suspension's up. Ready to come back to work? Let's work this out.' " CM Punk then made it clear that he would need to be paid a very large amount of money to make him return.

He would also need a very good storyline and he should be able to fight the best wrestlers of the promotion that he will work for. "What would it take?" CM Punk pondered. "Oh gosh, without wanting to insult anybody on either side of the fence, any WWE talent or AEW talent, it would take, above all, an interesting scenario, a story that would be fun to tell [and] also just the stupidest amount of money, but they could save themselves a whole lot of money if they just presented just a fun storyline”.