Jim Ross on Working for All Elite Wrestling vs Working for WWE

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Jim Ross on Working for All Elite Wrestling vs Working for WWE

According to many, Jim Ross is the best wrestling commentator of all time and he recently spoke about working for AEW vs working for WWE. Jim Ross left WWE about a couple of years ago. He is a WWE Hall of Famer. He is currently working for AEW as a Senior Advisor and a commentator.

Ross stated that his best time in WWE was when Vince McMahon was working as a performer. Ross actually had to take guidelines from Vince McMahon most of the time. He could not come up with his own content. He admitted that on TNT, he can say whatever he wants.

Jim Ross on Working for All Elite Wrestling

"When Vince was a performer, it was a glorious time because it allowed Lawler and I to create our own content. Much like we do on Wednesday nights on TNT, we create our content.

Tony Khan is not in our ear. Occasionally, he'll say something. Things are fluid, things change sometimes. Nonetheless, that was almost like a night off. It was fun - you look forward to it because you can get in your groove, get your flow going.

And hopefully the flow is good enough so the viewers like it." Ross then took the opportunity to speak about the Battle of The Billionaires. Donald Trump was represented by Bobby Lashley and Umaga was representing Vince McMahon.

Ross revealed why Bobby and Umaga were selected to be in the Battle of The Billionaires. "He was the next thing we had to be unbeatable," Ross said. "McMahon was obviously trying to stack the deck with the baddest dude on the roster.

Even though he lost to Bobby Lashley, he lost because of Stone Cold quite frankly. Storyline-wise, it made a lot of sense. Reality-wise, it looked good on a poster, it was a good booking. We were still committed to Umaga's growth, and him being a key role in this match at WrestleMania was not going to stunt his growth.

And the same theory is applicable to Bobby Lashley." Vince McMahon lost the Battle of the Billionaires. He then inserted himself in the Lashley/Umaga feud and won the ECW title. "One of the things I liked about it was when Vince was wrestling, that means he was not sitting at the gorilla position producing the announcers," Jim Ross said.

"Lawler and I would look at each other and not say a word, but we both had that twinkle in our eyes. Of course, Lawler didn't get lambasted. I'd get lambasted for Lawler. Vince never jumped on Jerry's s--t, so I got it.

Stuff like, 'God da**it, JR, what's wrong with Lawler? Fire his a** up,' so somehow or another, Lawler's lack of productivity tonight is my fault?