Jim Ross on Big AEW Week and Adam Cole

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Jim Ross on Big AEW Week and Adam Cole

Legendary Wrestling commentator Jim Ross recently spoke about Adam Cole and the big week that AEW had. Most of the wrestling world was in shock last week when the legendary wrestler Sting made his debut on AEW and appeared on TNT for the first time since 2001.

Sting is considered one of the all-time greats and this week Sting spoke on TNT. He shared the ring with Cody Rhodes, Arn Anderson and Tony Shivchenko. Jim Ross shared his thoughts about how AEW will do in terms of ratings, especially after Sting’s debut and AEW having a potential partnership with Impact Wrestling after Kenny Omega won the AEW World Title.

Jim Ross on AEW's Big Week and Adam Cole's Appearence

"We've had a big week here in Jacksonville," Ross said. "[AEW Dynamite] at Daily's Place was a barn burner to say the least. Folks will be talking about that one for a while.

I'm anxious to see what the ratings will be because I anticipate they did real well." Ross was present for Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns this week along with long-time fellow commentator Jerry Lawler. Britt Baker and Adam Cole were also present during the event.

Adam Cole is currently working for WWE. His appeared with AEW employees is probably a sign that Adam may join AEW in the future. Ross stated that Adam’s appeared had absolutely no relation to anything except football. “Britt Baker and Adam Cole are a couple and they've been a couple for a long time," Ross said.

"She's still working her dental practice and they still live in Orlando. She came up to the game and she said I'm bringing Austin, [Adam Cole's] real name. So I'm thinking, you're bringing Steve Austin to the game? That's great."

"He's a good kid, Adam Cole. He's a good hand no doubt and a nice young man. He really is a nice young man and a credit to our business, but it had nothing to do with business. It was a football weekend, that's all it was.

They drove up, went to the game, and they went home." Jim Ross also made it clear that his gig with AEW is going to be his last gig in the professional wrestling industry. He is also happy to be working for Tony Khan and not Vince McMahon.

He stated that he would not want to end his career any other way. "As far as I'm concerned, at this point in my life, AEW is my last gig," Jim Ross said. "I meant that. I love working for Tony Khan. He's a whole different ball game.

People just don't understand that. The culture at WWE just is what it is, it's all Vince related and oriented. If you're on Vince's good list, it's a wonderful thing. If you're not, it's not so great.

Tony Khan is the same every time you see him. He's still a fan, he still loves the business. He loves talking about the business and telling stories. He has a knowledge of things that went on before he was even born. At my age, be realistic.

As long as my work holds up to acceptable levels, I don't see any reason to go anywhere else. I'm loving what I'm doing."