*Spoiler* Sting makes his intentions known on AEW Dynamite

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*Spoiler* Sting makes his intentions known on AEW Dynamite

In the last episode of Dynamite which aired as usual in the AEW rings exactly a week ago, the federation's management thought it well to literally shock their audience, by going to debut the legendary WCW wrestler, Sting, in the rings of the All Elite.

The debut of the historic WWE Hall of Famer, former world champion of WCW and TNA, came in fact in a surprising and absolutely unexpected way, with the appearance of one of the most beloved characters in history by fans of the discipline that literally shook the whole world of pro-wrestling from the ground up.

To continue to put hype in fans towards the product offered by the company of the Khans, we thought then the announcement that Sting would make his first speech in front of the cameras of Dynamite right in the episode aired this night, with the competition with NXT of the WWE which was in fact already in serious danger.

Backstage news on Sting

In an almost surreal atmosphere, Sting reappeared once again in front of Dynamite's cameras this night, with several great AEW characters waiting for his appearance to be able to speak with him.

After a hug and a very emotional moment that saw Tony Schiavone and Sting in the same ring years after the last time, the WWE Hall of Famer focused on serious things, going to talk first with Arn Anderson and then with Cody Rhodes on what will be the future plans of the legendary athlete.

Microphone in hand, Sting affirmed that the only certain thing about his future is the fact that nothing is certain, with the signing of the contract with the AEW that will still bring the Stinger to stay close to the fans and the company of the AEW for a long, long time.

At some junctures, Sting seemed a bit threatening towards both Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes, hinting that in the coming weeks the three may work together in some way in the AEW rings, although Sting eventually embraced with do very paternal even the youngest son of the American Dream.

After receiving dozens of chants in favor of him from fans in the arena, Sting eventually made his exit, leaving several doors open for his future in AEW, which will apparently still be a long way off. But the fact that Sting belittled Cody Rhodes called him 'kid,' said he's not in the company to face Cody Rhodes at this point and made his intentions clear (and yet remained so very vague) about Darby Allin, all add up to what should be an extremely compelling few months to come.