AEW's Brodie Lee tribute show becomes the highest-rated wrestling show ever

The Brodie Lee tribute show conducted by AEW has now become the highest-rated wrestling show in the history of professional wrestling

by Simone Brugnoli
AEW's Brodie Lee tribute show becomes the highest-rated wrestling show ever

The latest AEW show was a huge event for so many reasons. The first is obviously the one that considers the tribute that the federation wanted to reserve for Brodie Lee, a great athlete and a great man who died in recent days, and the second reason to remember instead is that which records a great result for the federation of Tony Khan and which takes into account the number of live viewers.

In fact, the AEW has reached in the last episode of Dynamite the largest number of live viewers for its own show since the pandemic due to Covid-19 began and everything was confirmed by Dave Meltzer in his Newsletter, labeling this result as the second most important in America as regards pro-wrestling in the period mentioned above, reporting the data indicating the presence of as many as 1080 fans inside the Daily's Place.

The Brodie Lee tribute show has surpassed the likes of Money In The Bank 2011, WrestleMania X-7, NJPW G-1 Climax 23, and a host of other NJPW shows. The show currently sits on a fan rating of 9.83, with the next best being the aforementioned NJPW G-1 Climax 23, which has a rating of 9.77.

Brodie Lee's son will be a wrestling Superstar

Many tickets have been sold for a long time, ever since the federation announced the match between AEW champion Kenny Omega and Rey Fenix, but the federation then decided to create a show in honor of Brodie Lee, who, however, really convinced and made happy fans from all over the world, including those present inside the arena.

We also remind you that the AEW has the permission to let 10-15% of the public who would enter at most inside the building that hosts its shows in Jacksonville, a city in Florida where the headquarters of the "All Elite" Surely this is a great achievement for a federation that has been convincing for some time and is trying to sometimes bring something new to pro-wrestling.

The presence of the public in such an important event also gave a beautiful message, indicating how much wrestling fans can be united in both positive and negative vicissitudes, as was the premature death of the man known in the registry as Jon Huber, which we remember having passed away due to lung problems not due to Covid-19.

One of the things that made AEW's tribute so special, was that his son Brodie Lee Jr., or -1 as he was called throughout the show chose many of the match-ups on the match card. Brodie Lee Jr. was honored during the episode with the AEW TNT Championship belt that his father wore, and prior to the tribute show had signed an official contract with AEW.

This means that when he comes off age, and if he chooses to get into professional wrestling, AEW will be waiting for him to grace their promotion. He is only eight years old, so he still has a long way to go. However, that hasn't stopped him from training with some of the company's biggest Superstars.

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