Jeff Hardy Speaks About Matt Hardy’s Gruesome Injury in AEW

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Jeff Hardy Speaks About Matt Hardy’s Gruesome Injury in AEW

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are former members of the Hardy Boyz and Jeff recently spoke about Matt Hardy’s gruesome injury that he suffered during one of his matches in All Elite Wrestling. The Hardy Boyz are known for performing extremely risky moves.

Some of those moves did not end well for wrestlers. However, they continue to perform these moves nonetheless. Matt Hardy suffered the injury during Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara’s, Broken Rules Match. The Match took place this year at All Out PPV.

Matt Hardy feel from the top of a scissor lift and the back of his head bounced off the concrete. Matt was instantly knocked out upon impact. The match had to be stopped for a short time but was then resumed later on.

Jeff Hardy on Matt Hardy's Horrifying Concussion


When he tried to get up and then he fell down – when you hit your head hard, that's scary stuff… That was scary, man, with Matt – flesh on concrete, it was scary when he couldn't walk. Gosh, man – thank God he's OK, but that's part of the game," said Jeff.

There were many wrestling fans that believed the match should have been stopped there. Instead AEW decided to continue to match and put Matt Hardy in danger. Matt Hardy actually suffered a concussion and after getting knocked unconscious, he couldn’t even stand up properly.

He was quite disorientated, and even the referee raised the infamous ‘X’ symbol during that time. Jeff Hardy then recalled one of his own injuries. The match took place in November. Jeff Hardy fought Elias during the match.

A table was placed near the steel steps. Hardy performed a Swanton Bomb and hit his back on the steel steps. Hardy stated that he did not get injured badly even though it seemed that he hit his back very hard. However, he revealed that he can still feel that injury even though the match took place a long time ago.

"Even in that Symphony of Destruction match with Elias, people thought my head was messed up from the stairs but it was easy, my head is fine," Jeff Hardy said. "When I did the Whisper in the Wind and he hit me in the butt with the guitar, my back is still messed up from that. But that's part of the job, you know — you're gonna get hurt."