Chris Jericho reveals he tested positive for virus

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Chris Jericho reveals he tested positive for virus

There is really no peace for Chris Jericho in recent weeks, especially since the fuss around Donald Trump has erupted in the United States for the assault on Capitol Hill (complete with an impeachment voted by Parliament).

Now a former AEW World Champion, Y2J has in fact been discussing for weeks and months for some controversial positions related to its support for Trump (of which he was one of the most generous donors in the election campaign), and also for having exposed itself in favor of conspiracy theorists and deniers.

Also, for this reason, the confession of him caused a further stir during a new episode of his podcast 'Talk is Jericho', in which he hosted Dr. Alex Patel, a doctor in intensive care based in Toronto, Canada. And it was to the latter that he revealed that he, too, had tested positive months ago, precisely in September.

Chris Jericho reveals he tested positive

"It's interesting because I didn't tell anyone, but maybe I tested positive in September. I had no symptoms. I spent my 10 days in isolation and was away from everyone. I didn't have a symptom, I didn't even know I had it.

I went for a general test and they said I was positive. I thought, 'Really? Are you serious?' I had nothing, I didn't have a headache, I didn't have a cough, which I guess is a very lucky thing. Also, once I had it, it wasn't a false positive, I did three different tests and they all came back positive.

But now I have the antibodies. " Statements released in an all too relaxed way, but which certainly will not fall into oblivion among Jericho's colleagues in AEW or in any case all those who frequent him or have come into contact with him.

Especially since the Canadian in August had held some concerts with his Fozzys in South Dakota, North Dakota and Fort Madison. Chris Jericho has however ensured that every time he is swabbed before the AEW events he takes a blood test, which again shows that he "has antibodies"

He also added that by this time he had lost his taste and was trying to remember the taste of orange juice. Chris Jericho has a controversial stance on COVID-19 as he thinks it isn’t that serious at all. His opinion has drawn the ire of many fans who think Jericho should take the virus more seriously.

Chris Jericho recently took to Instagram and made a post, where he celebrated his son’s big win in an amateur wrestling competition. His son Ash won two matches that day. Jericho then decided to tag Kurt Angle and jokingly told Angle to look out for his son Ash.