Kenny Omega wants AEW women's division to be featured more on TV

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Kenny Omega wants AEW women's division to be featured more on TV

Kenny Omega is one of the leading Superstars of All Elite Wrestling and in addition to offering great performances inside the square in the rings all over the world, he has always cared about helping younger wrestlers and lately his attention has been also facing the Jacksonville Federation women's roster.

The company has tried to work a lot on its athletes, but some fans were not fully satisfied with the quality of the stories and matches we have seen since the first shows. In this regard, then, the same Kenny Omega, current AEW world champion, has released some words to TV Insider, recalling how wide the talent of wrestlers is, but that there are still many things to achieve.

Kenny Omega on AEW women's division

"I think we're taking small steps at a time about it. We have starving performers willing to reach their goals in any way and do it in the best way possible. Passion for me means a lot more than actions or a maneuver applied in a particular match and our girls are doing a lot both in shows and in training.

No one has ever really lost their passion, they are struggling day after day to achieve their goals, which are difficult to achieve, but when they are achieved they will certainly be accompanied by my big smile. I'm sure we'll succeed" - Kenny Omega said.

Some words to honey from the champion of the federation, which suggests how serious the work of the AEW wants to be in every area, even in those that seem more complicated to manage for one reason or another. The All Elite certainly has a great base with regard to the female roster and over time the situation will only improve, reaching a result that could mean a lot not only for the company itself but also for all fans who will surely be happy to notice another step forward in the great little world of wrestling that every day amuses and frees their mind even in the darkest moments.

Kris Statlander also recently talked about the present condition of the AEW women’s divison. We will have to see how the company will be able to improve the women’s division and make it comparable to the men’s.

Kenny Omega has much more experience putting together a television show and working backstage now. AEW is also rolling strong through their second year in operation. We’ll have to see if that experience allows Kenny Omega to branch out into other avenues of broadcasting, but his plate is plenty full with his various AEW commitments right now.