Anna Jay Speaks About Her Favorite Wrestlers

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Anna Jay Speaks About Her Favorite Wrestlers

Anna Jay is an AEW wrestler and she recently revealed who her favorite wrestlers are. Anna Jay is currently part of the AEW group called The Dark Order which is a very popular AEW group and one of the most active ones as well.

She was on Talk is Jericho where she spoke about her favorite wrestlers. She got into the professional wrestling industry through a former WCW star called Glacier. She said that The Bella Twins had a huge impact on her.

Anna Jay on Her Favorite Wrestlers Growing Up

“I love The Bella Twins, always say that,” Jay said.

“Of course, people are like, ‘Oh, of course, you do,’ but that is what got me into it because I see them and think, if they can do it, I can do it. They were good at branding themselves, and you could see that.

And I feel like it started a whole different era. I did [watch Total Divas], not so much later on, but when it first started I did. I did [go to a WWE show] in Jacksonville. It was just one of their live shows, and she was there, Nikki Bella.

So that was cool. I got to see her. I think I was in my freshman year of high school”. Jay signed with AEW in April. She only had a few matches before that. She admits that she didn’t think she would fit well in the AEW roster.

“Obviously, there was a connection there, and of course, you want any opportunity you can have, but I didn’t know if I would fit in here, [or] if they would want me here,” Jay admitted. I remember watching it and loving it, but… I wonder if I would fit in there if they would have a place for me there”.

Chris Jericho then spoke about whether or not she ever even thought about having a WWE tryout. She stated that she was still quite new in pro-wrestling so she didn’t try it. “I didn’t,” Jay stated. “I hadn’t gotten to that point yet because [of] me being so new.

I debuted and came here in March. That was the pandemic too. Everything was happening so quickly. So no, I never really got to that point”. Jay then spoke about her AEW debut and her part in the Atlanta taping. “Well, I was actually in Jacksonville first.

I wrestled Penelope [Ford] on Dark,” Anna Jay recalled. “That was the first time, and then, I think, the following week I remember QT [Marshall] text me on Sunday night, late one night. And he was like, ‘Hey, I think we’re going to have you back on Dynamite this week in Atlanta, and it’ll be live. And it’ll be against [Hikaru] Shida, and I was like, ‘Shoot. Okay, I’ll do it.' ”