Sting's first AEW match possibly revealed

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Sting's first AEW match possibly revealed

Sting's debut on AEW was one of the most unexpected moments of 2020 and helped Tony Khan's Company achieve record ratings, paving NXT. Apparently, the Hall of Famer had been somewhat disappointed with his WWE stint after losing in two fights and had decided to end his career on his terms.

Sting had also proposed to Vince McMahon to have him face Undertaker in a cinematic match, along the lines of WrestleMania's BoneYard match, but the WWE patron rejected the idea of him in the bud, shattering the hopes of fans.

Tony Khan then jumped at the ball to woo The Icon and offer him an interesting contract to join AEW, guaranteeing him the chance to fight back and, above all, to be back on TNT more than 15 years after the closure of WCW.

A great opportunity that Sting could not fail to accept.

Sting's first AEW match was discussed

It had long been speculated that he could wear combat boots again and he will. The Company has in fact recently announced on Twitter that Sting will make his debut in the ring at Revolution, PPV scheduled for February 27th.

He will fight in a Street Figh Tag Team Match alongside TNT Champion Darby Allin, of whom he has taken on the role of mentor in recent weeks, to face the team of Brian Cage and Ricky Starks, accompanied by Taz. This is a historic announcement as it marks Sting's return to the ring at the ripe old age of 61 and after a neck injury that seemed to have ended his career.

The last Icon match dates back to 2015 when, on the occasion of Night of Champions, he faced Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Despite some wrestlers, Booker T in the first place, have criticized his desire to return to fighting, Sting is proving to be a great success for All Elite Wrestling also in terms of merchandising, literally sold out 24 hours after his debut.

In short, the arduous sentence to posterity. Sting congratulated Darby Allin for retaining his TNT Title and even acknowledged the comparisons between himself and Allin. Team Taz interrupted this segment and challenged both of them to take it to the streets.

Sting gave Allin a piece of advice, and the TNT Champion responded to the heels by implying that Taz's challenge could be a likely possibility on AEW Dynamite. The exact stipulation of a match pitting Sting and Darby Allin against Team Taz wasn't made clear, but the repeated use of the word 'street' probably means that Sting's first AEW match will take place in a No Disqualification setting.