Update on Sting after Powerbomb spot on AEW

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Update on Sting after Powerbomb spot on AEW

Fear and apprehension for Sting in AEW. During last night's episode of Dynamite, the WCW icon was physically involved in what, for all intents and purposes, represents his first bump after six years of inactivity. Sting was in fact knocked down by a violent powerbomb from Brian Cage.

A maneuver that left fans astonished, considering how at the ripe old age of 61 he decided to take this risk. Fortunately, the Hall of Famer has not reported any physical problems and is therefore ready for its debut in the AEW ring, which will take place on the occasion of Revolution on Sunday 7 March.

Along with current TNT Champion Darby Allin will face Brian Cage and Ricky Starks in a Street Figh Tag Team Match. Commentator Tony Shiavone also spoke on what happened during the AEW Dynamite Post Show: "Sting agreed to undergo that move because he thinks it is right for the business and because he wants to show the whole world that he is still able to fight.

I was also shocked by what happened, but you know how Sting is done."

Sting is currently involved in an angle with Team Taz

Sting's last physical involvement dates back to Night of Champions 2015 when, in the main event valid for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he was defeated by Seth Rollins.

A fairly unfortunate encounter that caused him a serious neck injury and forced the Company's medical staff to ban them from returning to the ring. Over the past few years Sting had repeatedly claimed that he had recovered and even proposed a match to Vince McMahon against The Undertaker, but the idea of him was rejected in the bud.

Fortunately for him Tony Khan has welcomed the desire to perform again in the ring, deciding to welcome him among the ranks of the AEW roster. His debut at Dynamite was one of the many shocking moments at the end of 2020 and he helped Dynamite in the war of ratings against NXT.

Even the merchandising line dedicated to him was the best-selling in just 24 hours since his arrival in AEW, a sign that a legend like Sting at 61 can still have a say about him. Sting made his first AEW appearance at AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming.

The former WCW Champion kicked off a feud with Team Taz, with TNT Champion Darby Allin by his side. The feud is all set to culminate at AEW Revolution 2021, where Sting and Darby Allin will take on Brian Cage and Ricky Starks in a Street Fight.

Taking into account Sting's age, and the fact that letting him wrestle a full-fledged match would be an incredibly bad idea, fans are speculating that the upcoming match at AEW Revolution could possibly be a cinematic-style bout.