Deathmatch announced for AEW Revolution

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Deathmatch announced for AEW Revolution

The third chapter of the heated rivalry between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley promises to be absolutely unmissable. During the most recent episode of Dynamite, it was in fact announced that the Canadian fighter will defend the AEW World Championship in an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch at the next PPV of the Company, Revolution.

It is a rather particular encounter that, in addition to the use of barbed wire instead of traditional ropes, also sees the use of some explosives placed under the ring. The stipulation was first invented in Japan in the 1990s by FMW (Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling).

Fighters of the caliber of Sabu, Terry Funk, Ayabusa, Onita and Mick Foley, just to name a few, have taken part in it in the past, coming out somewhat battered from the matches and reporting serious injuries. We don't know if AEW will be pushing the same level of extreme violence, but it will still be a unique situation within the mainstream wrestling landscape.

Neither WWE, nor WCW in the past, in fact, had never dared to propose such a math in the card of their events.

Deathmatch announced for AEW Revolution

Moxley and Omega had already proven that they were addicted to the extreme by taking part in an Unsanctioned Match at Full Gear in 2019.

A very violent encounter that saw the use of barbed wire, pieces of glass and many other blunt objects, and that caused a lot of trouble for AEW. In fact, Tony Khan received a fine of 10 thousand dollars from the Maryland State Athletic Commission.

Certainly Renee Young, Jon Moxley's companion in everyday life, who was quite upset by the aforementioned meeting, will not be happy. We remind you that Revolution will be broadcast on Sunday 7 March and, among the great meetings scheduled, will also see the expected debut on Sting, who just last night suffered his first bump after six years of forced stop.

Speaking of violent matches, Jon Moxley is scheduled to challenge Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship in an "Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch." This gimmick match was popular in Japan back in the 1990s. If AEW stays true to its origins, the match will feature (as the name suggests) barbed wire that is rigged to blow on contact.

This will definitely be one of the more brutal and violent matches Jon Moxley has participated in. But the pain will be worth it if Moxley manages to regain the AEW World Championship from the hands of Kenny Omega.