Jon Moxley on Wanting to Make a Tag Team with Brodie Lee

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Jon Moxley on Wanting to Make a Tag Team with Brodie Lee

Jon Moxley is one of AEW’s top wrestlers and he recently revealed that he wanted to have a tag team run with the late Brodie Lee. Brodie Lee was known as Luke Harper in WWE. He was a former member of the Wyatt Family and was actually a very famous indie wrestler before he joined WWE.

Brodie left WWE and joined AEW after he believed that he wasn’t being used properly by the company. Jon has the longest reign as AEW World Champion. Jon is a former member of the famous WWE group The Shield. Jon left after he too believed that he wasn’t being placed in interesting storylines.

He was known as Dean Ambrose in WWE.

Jon Moxley on Wanting to Form a Tag Team With Brodie Lee

Jon stated that he wants to form a tag team in AEW. “I like tag team wrestling, you know? And there’s so many great tag teams here that I wanna get to work with,” Moxley said on

“But it’s like, okay, I’m gonna need a suitable partner, not just any random guy. I want a full, actual good tag team run with a good partner, make a real run at having a run in this tag division”. He then went on to say that he wanted Brodie to be his tag team partner “The guy I was thinking about doing it with was Brodie Lee,” Moxley said.

“He was a good friend, and I wrestled him so many millions of times, our styles would have complemented each other very well. You want somebody who compliments you. Maybe they do things you don’t do, and vice versa.

I thought a Shield-Wyatt mash-up super team would have been a really cool tag team. I and Brodie could have really gone on a f–king rampage as a team!” He stated that he never had a timeline set for his jump into a tag team.

He stated that he has kept the tag team idea in mind for the future. “Not necessarily any particular time — I had that kinda stuffed away in my head for the future,” Jon Moxley said. “I have stuff like that, and stories I wanna tell, concepts of promos and stories that may be for particularly people”.