Jon Moxley says AEW and WWE partnership will never happen

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Jon Moxley says AEW and WWE partnership will never happen

In recent weeks there has been nothing but talk of the AEW - Impact - New Japan triangle. Collaborations that until a few years ago seemed impossible and instead Tony Khan decided to make it a reality, without problems, by unhinging the so-called "forbidden door" The term "forbidden door" has even become a registered trademark of the Company, being regularly used in storylines.

The AEW boss also said he was very open to a partnership with WWE despite Dynamite and NXT are in direct competition with each other on Wednesday nights, and there has been no shortage of digs between both sides in the past.

A proposal also endorsed by Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega, available to negotiate with Vince. Jon Moxley does not seem to be of the same opinion, who in a recent interview with Inside The Ropes said: "It will never happen.

It is useless to lose mental energy to think about it. If you want to do some fantawrestling and hypothesize fights like this for fun, that's fine, otherwise don't waste time. Even in '98, there was fantawrestling in magazines and people hypothesized a match between Goldberg and Steve Austin.

All bullshit. It won't happen, put it in your head." Obviously, in the world of wrestling you never have to say never, but having worked extensively for Vince McMahon, Jon Moxley fully knows his mentality. In the meantime, the former AEW World Champion will have the chance to become champion again at Revolution, the Company's next PPV scheduled for March.

Jon Moxley on AEW and WWE partnership

The main event will in fact be a match between him and Kenny Omega and will have a very violent stipulation, invented for the first time in Japan in the 90s: an "Exploding Barbedwire DeathMatch" The two had already faced each other in a bloody match at Full Gear, in 2019, where they came out somewhat battered.

Their meeting also forced Tony Khan to pay a $ 10,000 fine to the Maryland State Athletic Commission. We will see if this time they decide to raise the bar once again when it comes to violence. WWE and AEW will continue doing their own thing.

AEW is open to working with other companies which they have proven with their efforts so far alongside Impact Wrestling, NJPW, and the NWA. In the meantime, WWE will continue their efforts of global dominance on their own.

This will definitely be one of the more brutal and violent matches Jon Moxley has participated in. But the pain will be worth it if Moxley manages to regain the AEW World Championship from the hands of Kenny Omega.