AEW has been waiting for Zelina Vega's non compete clause to expire

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AEW has been waiting for Zelina Vega's non compete clause to expire

Zelina Vega had gotten a big push within the WWE main roster and many were hoping to see her, sooner or later, with the female title around her waist. Then came her shock dismissal in November, a very controversial situation that also led the former US presidential candidate to stand up for her.

The former manager of Andrade had, in fact, been fired due to the use of social platforms outside the WWE, especially OnlyFans, which Vince McMahon had banned quite severely several times. It was therefore an exemplary punishment, which unfortunately also had repercussions on Aleister Black, her companion in everyday life, absent from the scene for months now.

Many people wonder if Zelina was contacted by AEW or not, and Tony Khan wanted to answer the question. Interviewed on Wrestling Observer Radio microphones, here is what he said: "I'm waiting for his non-competition clause to expire.

I'm not talking to people in the meantime, I'm waiting for everything to be resolved. I should do the math and understand the situation. I would be interested in understanding what he is doing now."

Zelina Vega also set to move to AEW?

A somewhat cryptic statement that could suggest how, secretly, the AEW boss has somehow contacted the former Raw fighter.

On the other hand, it is now understood that the Jacksonville Company has no problem in signing WWE stars. The last major acquisition, in chronological order, was that of Big Show, which landed at the court of Tony Khan with his real name, Paul Wight.

At the moment he will only be a commentator for the AEW Dark: Elevation show, but in the future he will be wearing combat boots again. And it seems that the giant's shock decision may have illuminated the thoughts of other WWE stars, unhappy with current management and ready to consider better options for their careers, AEW in the first place.

We’ll have to see if Zelina Vega becomes a face for the AEW Women’s Division. She has a lot of experience in the ring and as a manager. There are also a lot of fans on Twitch who might follow her to a new company.

This is still a new situation, but the book isn’t closed for Thea Trinidad and AEW. WWE is the biggest promotion in the world. Most well-known wrestlers, especially in North America, have worked in WWE at one point or another in their careers.

The first two big names to head on over to AEW in the last twelve months were Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler (FTR), formerly known as The Revival in WWE. FTR's arrival opened up a door of opportunities for them and they soon even won the AEW Tag Team Championships.