Cody Rhodes on Wrestling Shaq and Celebrity Matches

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Cody Rhodes on Wrestling Shaq and Celebrity Matches

Cody Rhodes is a famous AEW superstar and he recently spoke about his upcoming match against Shaq. Shaq is a legendary NBA player. His full name is Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq will be teaming up with Jade Cargill. Shaq has appeared in various combat sports or sports entertainment events before.

That being said, Shaq is not a trained wrestler and cannot perform most of the moves that even basic professional wrestlers can.

Cody Rhodes Talks About Celebrity Matches and Upcoming Match Against Shaq

According to Cody Rhodes, even celebrities that perform inside a professional wrestling ring should know how to wrestle and perform basic moves.

He mentioned that professional wrestlers should expect the celebrity wrestlers to work the match instead of relying on the professional wrestler to carry the celebrity all the way to the end. Cody stated that he liked Shaq’s recent comments in which he said that the match will be the best celebrity match ever.

“I like that Shaq made that comment,” Cody continued. “I stand by that comment myself, I’d make the same one because you have to continue to raise the bar and you can’t do… there’s a lot of old veteran wrestlers who have these opinions on how you’re supposed to do a celebrity match.

My opinion is this… you have to wrestle. If you’re showing up for a wrestling match, you have to wrestle. It can’t be, ‘Oh, they’re not from our world, they shouldn’t be able to lock up.’ “None of that.

Shaq trained. I never trained with him but he trained for this, so I anticipate he’s going to know his way around the ring, to a degree. Now he doesn’t have the experience that I have for sure, but if he did train, we’re talking about a multiple-time world champion in the NBA, we’re talking about a former MVP.

That athleticism is once in a lifetime athleticism, which is where I would be confident in saying, hopefully, is the best celebrity match of all-time, because if he did train, and he is the man we know as Shaq, then by all means, I hope we can set a new standard and raise that bar, and not only set a new standard but perhaps give a different outlook on what a celebrity or crossover type match should be”.