Tony Khan on the possibility of NXT moving nights

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Tony Khan on the possibility of NXT moving nights

Speaking with Alfred Konuwa of Forbes to give more prominence to the next AEW PPV, Revolution, Tony Khan also answered many questions that were asked by the interviewer, including the one asking him for an opinion about the almost certain decision of USA Network and WWE to transfer NXT from Wednesday to Tuesday starting next April 13th.

The broadcaster and WWE insiders have made it clear that this decision will be made in order not to have the Stamford federation yellow-black show and the best NHL game on the same night.

Tony Khan on the possibility of NXT moving nights

There was no lack of response from President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Tony Khan who expressed his personal opinion, indicating a sort of similarity between the war of ratings between his federation and NXT with that of WWE and WCW.

The protagonist of this interview also added some important words about what awaits us in the coming weeks for AEW: "I don't know if this is real or not, but I think having an undisputed audience is an extremely positive thing.

Furthermore. if you look carefully at the ratings for February, the only federation that did not face a collapse was the AEW. I think this is due to establishing a certain relationship between us and the fans, as well as signing more and more top athletes, which could increase even more in the next week, you'll see."

After these words, the current co-owner of Fulham and the Jacksonville Jaguars has promoted his next show Revolution, which will air this weekend, and of the alliance between the same All Elite and Impact, the historic federation that has recently been planning slowly climbing up the slope.

And you, what idea did you have about moving NXT to Tuesday? Do you think it is also due to the many losses at the level of ratings that occurred at the hands of the AEW? Let us know with a comment. The Monday Night Wars were fairly similar to the conflict between AEW and NXT.

In the late 1990s, wrestling in the United States was at its peak because a great number of viewers tuned in weekly. WWE and WCW aired their flagship shows at the same time on Monday nights, and WWE ultimately won the rating war in a decisive manner.

At the height of the battle, it polarized the wrestling world. AEW founder Tony Khan explained why this dynamic is beneficial, and he also stated that the Monday Night Wars echoed the conflict between NXT and AEW. “I think it’s—like sports fans—it’s a healthy thing.

I think there was maybe more of this [online bickering] during the Monday Night Wars on the internet than people might have realized."