Jim Ross on Vince McMahon Firing The King’s Ex-Wife Backstage

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Jim Ross on Vince McMahon Firing The King’s Ex-Wife Backstage

Jim Ross formed a legendary commentary team with Jerry “The King” Lawler and he recently spoke about Vince McMahon firing Jerry’s wife backstage. The team of Jerry and Jim are still considered by many as the best commentary team of all time.

Now Jim Ross is part of All Elite Wrestling. Apart from doing commentary, Jim is also working as a senior advisor in the promotion.

Jim Ross Talks About Jerry "The King" Lawler's Wife Being Fired

Ross shared a story about WrestleMania 17 on his podcast recently.

Ross spoke about Jerry not being present for WrestleMania 17 due to issues backstage. Jerry was instead replaced by Paul Heyman to do commentary. Jerry had issues backstage concerning his wife at the time Stacy “ The Cat” Carter.

Vince McMahon wanted to fire Stacy after he heard about the issues as he wanted Jerry to concentrate on his career instead. “They caught Vince on a day that he was not in a really great mood apparently,” Ross said.

“All I got was a call in Vince’s office saying ‘I want her gone and I want her gone today.’ What? So there’s where your job becomes very challenging. Look, there’s no way I would’ve fired her, no matter what the writers said without talking to the writers and telling me what did she do that merits her dismissal.

Explain to me so I know. I didn’t do that because I didn’t have any room to do that, I asked can I do some checking around?“ “That’s what he wanted. I knew if we got past this day and she took some time off, there’s a good chance we can bring her back.

But we also didn’t count on, I don’t think Vince did either, that Lawler was going to support her and leave. That was a little different of a twist to the plot”. ‘No, she’s gone.’ Jim revealed that Stacy was the reason why Jerry original left WWE.

that is the main reason why he wasn’t present for WrestleMania 17. Jim stated that it wasn’t easy for him to workout Jerry at that time. “The thing about Stacy, unlike a lot of the women, she had product knowledge,” Jim Ross said.

“She lived the business since she was a teenager being Lawler’s girlfriend and then-wife. She had a little bit more knowledge and basic fundamental than did a lot of the other Divas. With that said, she would question things.

She would ask for the logic behind something that she was going to do, which if you’re a good producer you have no problem with talent asking questions because you can explain it and sell it to them. In any event, they lost patience and she was out."