Big Show on Vince McMahon's reaction to him signing with AEW

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Big Show on Vince McMahon's reaction to him signing with AEW

In recent weeks there have been sensational surprises in the world of wrestling, on Sunday we witnessed the umpteenth surprise in All Elite Wrestling with the passage in the federation of Tony Khan of Christian with the Canadian wrestler who will now be called the name of Christian Cage.

This is just the latest of many cases of wrestlers who have passed from WWE to AEW, we saw Sting's this year and a few weeks ago there was the landing in the company of Paul Wight, WWE legend where he was known with the name of Big Show.

It was Paul Wight, through a chat with Tony Schiavone, who revealed that in AEW there would be a sensational landing and a twist. Former WWE star Paul Wight spoke about Vince McMahon's reaction to him signing with AEW.

Wight said that his former boss wished him well after the announcement was made.

Big Show in AEW

After two decades with WWE Big Show left the company on the natural expiration of his contract. His last speech in the Stamford federation was at Raw Legends Night last January.

In a post-AEW Revolution media meeting, Paul Wight revealed that he spoke to Vince McMahon after his announcement that he joined AEW. Here are his words: "On the day the announcement of my signing with AEW was made, Vince McMahon called me and wished me luck, said I would be a great asset to AEW and thanked me for all the years I spent in WWE.

There was no animosity or anger, our relationship ended well, it was just a matter of opportunity. In WWE after 20 years I had really done everything there was to do, for me it is a new beginning and even Vince understands and understands all of this."

Paul Wight aka Big Show said he followed all the rules and only contacted Tony Khan after his contract with WWE had finally expired. AEW announced on February 24 that Paul Wight had signed with the company. It was also announced that Wight would be the co-commentator for AEW's new show, AEW Dark: Elevation.

He revealed on his AEW Dynamite debut that the company have signed a "Hall of Fame worthy" star, who would debut at Revolution. That star turned out to be another former WWE wrestler, Christian, who made a surprise debut at Revolution.

Paul Wight has supported Special Olympics for a long time and was the WWE Goodwill Ambassador for the 2015 edition of the Special Olympics World Games. Wight opposed the US government's decision to reduce the budget for Special Olympics in 2019.