Backstage WWE reaction to Christian joining AEW finally revealed

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Backstage WWE reaction to Christian joining AEW finally revealed

During the last PPV staged by All Elite Wrestling, or Revolution, aired on Sunday night, the management of the AEW wanted to give yet another big surprise to its fans, making the historic WWE fighter debut on their screens, Christian, who returned for the occasion to brush up on his old stage name: Christian Cage.

Christian turned out to be that famous "Hall of Fame ensured wrestler", that the other former WWE star, Big Show aka Paul Wight, had promised during the last episode of Dynamite, with the best friend of Edge, who had returned to pee in the WWE rings during the Royal Rumble, which thus signed his multi-year contract, right during Revolution, in front of the cameras of the number two company of America.

What's next for Christian Cage in AEW?

Many, on the eve of Revolution, both among the AEW fans and those of the WWE and among the insiders, had in fact discarded the name of Christian from the eligible names that could appear in that of Revolution, given his recent appearance in the ring by McMahon, in the latest edition of the Rumble.

Apparently, the WWE would not have signed the athlete in a stable manner, a sign that the wrestler could still have signed for any other company, being a free agent. As reported in the last few hours by the Fightful site, all WWE colleagues were in fact certain that Christian had signed some kind of agreement with WWE, which would not allow him to go to work elsewhere.

However, several colleagues and insiders had the suspicion that Christian could one day (not so close) land on the AEW rings, since from the Rumble onwards he had no longer appeared on the television screens of the McMahon company, but no one imagined that this news could already reach Revolution.

The only ones who had any more concrete clues were instead the top executives of the WWE, who knew the athlete's contractual situation and above all his desire to return to the scene, with the choice not to mention him anymore and not to make him appear anymore.

on-screen, which in fact would not have been left to chance. Christian Cage's Royal Rumble comeback and a heartwarming reunion with Edge gave the fans some hope of seeing E&C together in future storylines. There were also rumors of Christian possibly having an IC title program with Big E.

All proposed plans have now turned into missed opportunities as WWE's inability to tie Christian down to a contract has given AEW another seasoned performer. Christian Cage has promised to outwork everyone in AEW. This means he will be heavily featured in the months to follow.

During Revolution's post-show media call, Tony Khan also confirmed that Christian is feeling great physically and wants to wrestle in AEW on a 'regular basis.'