Tony Khan Speaks About Britt and Rosa Feud in AEW

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Tony Khan Speaks About Britt and Rosa Feud in AEW

AEW President Tony Khan recently spoke about women’s wrestling in AEW. All Elite Wrestling took women’s wrestling very seriously since day one. AEW will be holding their AEW Dynamite St. Patrick’s Day Slam main event.

The main event will feature Thunder Rosa and Dr. Britt Baker. It will be an “Unsanctioned Lights Out Anything Goes”. We believe it will be a very extreme rules type match.

Tony Khan States that he really likes the Britt and Rosa Feud

Khan spoke to Joe Rivera of Sporting News about the Britt and Rosa feud.

He revealed that the feud is one of his favorites. “Thunder Rosa, top independent wrestler, one of the most respected independent wrestlers in the world, coming into AEW, and the locker room saying, ‘Hey just because AEW says they’re open to everybody, we don’t want it to be open to everybody, we’re very protective of our territory.’ The leader and bully of this locker room, the top heel, is Dr.

Britt Baker, and she says, ‘You know we don’t want you here, top independent wrestler, stay out, go back to wrestling on the internet and stay off TNT. This is our sandbox.’ They’ve clashed and it’s been a great story,” he said.

He continued, “They’ve helped ‘AEW Dynamite’ in general by being one of the great stories on the show overall for the last several months. This is a culmination of a great story — the first-ever Lights Out match we’ve done on ‘Dynamite.’ We’ve had Lights Out matches main event pay-per-views and the ‘Fyter Fest’ streaming special but never on ‘Dynamite.’ “It’s really cool, it’s one of our big matches, and Dr.

Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa are two of our top wrestlers. They represent totally different aspects of AEW: Dr. Britt Baker being a lifer, contract, long-term, locked-in wrestler, who’s the face of the company, and Thunder Rosa represents an outside company, who came in and shows that, we’re for outside talent to come in and be treated well, and we do business with other wrestling companies.

Treat them respectfully but still make sure we get taken care of,” added Tony Khan. AEW has been criticized in the past for not giving the women’s division as much importance as some people believe they should have, especially in 2020. This might be one of the reasons why the Britt and Rosa feud has been given a lot of importance.