Arn Anderson on Working at AEW as a Coach

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Arn Anderson on Working at AEW as a Coach

Arn Anderson is a former mid-card wrestler and he recently spoke about working as an on-screen coach at All Elite Wrestling. On his podcast, he spoke about his appearances. He is quite happy with his current role and he likes helping Cody on-screen.

“I’ve been given an opportunity to finish my career out the way it’s supposed to be, having fun,” Anderson said. “I’m not going to go in there and stand toe to toe with any of these 25-year-old kids and assault anybody’s intelligence, I’m strictly here as an information source as somebody that’s been there and done that.

Has had a little bit more experience than Cody, with all the things that he has on the table, with his administrative job, helping organize things with the company, being a right-hand man to Tony Khan, how can we get the best possible product to our fans.

Arn Anderson on Never Being a World Champion During His Career

“I try to take all the school work and all the studying out of it and just say hey, if you get in a pinch, try this. It just alleviates that from Cody and it gives me a platform to still be out there with all [the fans].

Get to know all the AEW fans, the fans are as much a part of our show and as big a stars as anybody that appears on the show. Tony Khan is behind it, the fans come first and we’re going to give you the best possible product that we all can”.

During his time as a wrestler, Arn was never known as a top-guy, although he worked at various companies. He was known as a tag-team guy and spent most of the successful part of his career with Tully Blanchard. Tully never held a World Championship title during his wrestling career.

“A wise man has to know his limitations,” Arn Anderson said. “I figured that out pretty quickly. I was big enough, strong enough, knowledgeable enough, to have a successful career without being the top guy.

I wasn’t going to sell out on top, if I was going to be in the main event with somebody I wasn’t going to sell out an 80,000 seat arena, I wasn’t going to sell a lot of merchandise. I wasn’t that guy that you were going to put as the face of your company”.