Booker T Believes AEW Might Turn into WCW

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Booker T Believes AEW Might Turn into WCW

Booker T is a WWE and WCW Legend. He recently shared his thoughts and fears about AEW. He stated on his podcast that AEW is on road to becoming the next WCW and that can not be a good thing according to him. He started by saying that AEW should not hire veteran professional wrestlers that are way past their prime as he believes they are not there to add value to the company.

He believes that WWE wrestlers that have joined AEW are just there to collect a paycheck and they do not really want to see the company grow.

Booker T Fears that AEW might Become the Next WCW

He also believes that the presence of the veteran wrestlers takes away the spotlight from the younger wrestlers that are the future of AEW.

“Right now it seems like they’re pulling a revamp of WCW,” Booker T said. “As far as signing veteran talent, guys well past their better years of their careers. Guys that young guys could take either one of two ways, either these guys are here to help us or these guys are here to take our spot.

“I was one of the young guys on the [WCW] roster back then, I was coming up. I must say, a few of those guys came in, [Curt] Hennig, Bret Hart, I got a chance to work with them and they gave me some good feedback and I felt a lot of energy from a few guys that came over.

But, the majority of those guys that came over from the WWF, man they were just coming to get a check, they were coming to get paid”. Booker T himself is guilty of this according to him. Booker T worked for a very long time for WWE but he then left for TNA.

He revealed during the podcast that he went to TNA to help TNA’s younger talent. However, he just began concentrating on collecting his paycheck only when things went sideways in TNA which they did and the company fell apart.

“After a while in TNA, maybe two months, I saw what direction they were going in and for the next 20 months, I came to pick up my check. I didn’t care what those guys did. I thought about continuing on to just keep getting the check, but I said let me bounce off this because now my legacy is in jeopardy at the same time. I’m sure a lot of these guys may be thinking the exact same way”.