Jim Ross on a potential AEW-NJPW super show

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Jim Ross on a potential AEW-NJPW super show

Although Jim Ross's career has been predominantly as a commentator, he has participated in a few matches, with considerable success, including a win over Triple H in a match without disqualification (thanks to Batista's help).

One of the matches Ross took part in was a tag team match alongside Jerry Lawler against Al Snow and Jonathan Coachman at the 2003 pay-per-view Unforgiven, with commentator work up for grabs. Ross and Lawler lost the match due to Chris Jericho's interference, but two weeks later the two regained, after Jim Ross defeated "The Coach" in a Country Whippin match, using the Stunner.

his great friend Stone Cold Steve Austin). Ross participated alongside his longtime partner Jerry Lawler in a match with extreme stipulations. On April 25, 2011, Ross beat Michael Cole by disqualification after the latter's manager, Jack Swagger, attacked Ross.

Pro wrestling legend and current AEW commentator Jim Ross recently opened up about the possibility of an AEW-NJPW super show.

Jim Ross' thoughts on a potential AEW-NJPW super show

On a recent edition of his podcast, Grillin JR, Jim Ross opened up about his experiences working for New Japan Pro Wrestling and spoke about how the promotion is loaded with talent.

He did acknowledge that NJPW has to keep creating new stars: "I had great experiences working with New Japan. My experience was always very professional. Okada is a friend of mine now and we communicate, and I got to see some of the greatest workers in the world do their thing.

They were loaded with talent. They are like any other wrestling promotion – some of their top talents are getting old. They’ve gotta find new talent to get over new talent." Jim Ross also went on to discuss whether some sort of joint AEW and NJPW super show is possible.

"It’s a big thing to bite off to say that we’re gonna think about having a co-adventure. First of all, most talents in AEW, and I believe this, would not want to travel to Japan due to COVID. I think it also works the other way.

I sure as hell wouldn’t want to travel anywhere internationally. I don’t think it’s a thing that could happen anytime, but to say it’ll never happen is probably not accurate either. I think Tony Khan is a big fan of the New Japan style, so if he can pull off something, I think he would."

Jim Ross’ wife Jan passed away four years ago today. Her death was an absolute tragedy that could have been avoided, but Ross had to carry on in her memory. He took some time to publicly remember Jan today.