AEW reveals matches for first ever live event

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AEW reveals matches for first ever live event

In the last year, almost no pro-wrestling company in the world has managed to keep in touch with their fans as they would have liked, due to the global pandemic and all those restrictions that have meant that the stands of the arenas where the biggest shows of all the biggest promotions were held and remained deserted.

For over a year, in fact, both WWE and AEW have had to stage their events without a real audience present in the room, with few insiders or with an audience present but only in virtual mode, which is not certainly the same as what we used to see before.

If the WWE has taken care to build its own virtual audience with the ThunderDome, the AEW has been broadcasting its events for some time with a real audience, albeit a lot smaller than before.

AEW is holding their first-ever house show on April 9th

In the past few hours, just as WWE was preparing in the best way for its Road to Wrestlemania and announcing several names for the Hall of Fame, such as those of The Great Khali and Kane, the AEW instead went to announce his return to live events, with the very first event not captured by the cameras, which will be broadcast only for the audience in the arena, which will be staged just a few kilometers away from the WWE Showcase of the Immortals headquarters.

On April 9, in fact, Tony Khan's company will hold its first live event from the Daily's Palace in Jacksonville, or the day before the first night of Wrestlemania 37 and above all in the same state where the McMahon show will be held.

During his announcement, Tony Khan wanted to confirm that the location was specially designed to allow fans from all over the USA and around the world who take part in the WWE show to attend an AEW show, right next to Wrestlemania, since it takes only three hours by car to reach from the Wrestlemania headquarters, that of the live event of the company of the Khans.

At the moment the names of the performers who will appear in the AEW live event on April 9 have not been released, but it is very likely that almost all the big names of the company will be present, as the whole roster will then have to record the episode of the week after. of Dynamite, right from the same location, on April 10th.