RVD Shows Interest in Working for All Elite Wrestling

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RVD Shows Interest in Working for All Elite Wrestling

Rob Van Dam is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, and he recently indicated that he is interested in joining All Elite Wrestling. Before joining WWE and having a marvelous career there, RVD was known for being a top wrestler in ECW.

He was known for pulling off moves that nobody else could and could easily put his body on the line to entertain fans. RVD has also worked for various other promotions. After leaving WWE, RVD joined Impact Wrestling, which was known as TNA at the time of his joining.

RVD was successful in Impact Wrestling as well.

Rob Van Dam on Wanting to Sign for AEW for Business

RVD made a small run in WWE many years ago but has since then not appeared on WWE TV. RVD recently appeared on ReelTalker.com where he spoke about AEW and his interest in working for the company.

“I just always go with the flow of the universe. I’m always very happy with the way things turn out,” RVD stated. “AEW, I watch it sometimes, mostly to help Katie Forbes out. She’ll watch it, she’s up-and-coming, learning and I’ll point stuff out.

There is nothing that interests me about going there, except for business”. RVD’s last match took place on the 22nd of September against Sami Callihan. RVD stated that he is not interested in wrestling. He stated that he is interested in the business of wrestling and he knows he can still make some money.

“There is nothing that makes me want to wrestle, except for business,” RVD admitted. “Where a fan thinks maybe I would watch TV and dream of getting in the ring with someone as if that’s my fantasy.

That’s not really the way life works, at least not for me. It’s likely that I could be done now (wrestling) and not know it. “I’d be totally fine (on never getting back in the ring), then the non-wrestling RVD would reap the rewards that come from the universe from reaching this stage.

I don’t miss it like the other wrestlers. I’m not hungry to be in the ring”. Despite his age, Rob Van Dam still hasn’t lost most of his moveset. He can still perform extremely athletic moves and has still remained in shape, even though he started his career more than 20 years ago.