Tony Khan on Allowing Chris Jericho in WWE Podcast

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Tony Khan on Allowing Chris Jericho in WWE Podcast

Tony Khan is a President of All Elite Wrestling, and he recently spoke about allowing Chris Jericho to appear on Stone Cold’s Podcast called The Broken Skulls Sessions. Since Chris Jericho is an AEW star, many would believe that AEW would never allow one of its top stars to be on any WWE show.

Tony Khan recently explained why he gave Jericho permission to appear on Stone Cold’s podcast.

Tony Khan on Letting Chris Jericho Appear on a WWE Podcast

“Basically what happened was I had never even considered this was going to be a possibility,” Khan admitted.

“When I heard from Chris [Harrington] that this was something they wanted to do. I had to think about it for a minute. He and Steve had apparently talked, and Steve asked Chris if he had an interest in this program, or I guess they had a conversation and it came up, but when Chris brought it up to me, at first I was taken aback because Chris doing something on Peacock on WWE’s channel is obviously going to give me pause.

“But when he said it was Steve hosting the show, I didn’t have to think very hard about it. Busted Open is an independent show. I really like being on with you guys. I really trust you and these times we have together, and I really feel that way about Steve.

Even though Steve works for WWE and even though that’s another wrestling company that we compete with, I trust Steve immensely, and obviously, I trust Chris. Just like I would trust Chris to do a great job on Busted Open, I trust him to a great job with Steve, and I trust Steve as a great interviewer”.

Khan stated that he hasn’t watched the interview. However, Jericho told Khan that he would love the interview. Also, Tony Khan believes that Chris Jericho’s appearance on WWE programming would promote AEW to a new audience.

“They’re both friends of mine, and I feel like it’s probably going to be a very good show,” Tony Khan said. “I haven’t watched it yet, but Chris told me I’m really going to like it, and it’s a great chance for us to go out and promote AEW to a different set of fans. I was all for it, and definitely, Steve being the host had a lot to do with that”.