Sami Zayn On Jon Moxley Probably Pitching Too Many Ideas

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Sami Zayn On Jon Moxley Probably Pitching Too Many Ideas

Sami Zayn is continuing to rise in popularity in WWE, and he recently spoke about Jon Moxley possibly pitching too many ideas to WWE’s creative team. He spoke about this on The Oral Sessions. Jon Moxley was Dean Ambrose in WWE.

Jon stated in various interviews that the reason why he quit was that WWE was not giving him enough creative freedom to cut his own promos the way he would have liked. Jon left WWE for AEW where he would have had lots of creative control.

However, he also left a huge amount of money behind that WWE was offering him.

Sami Zayn on Jon Moxley Possibly Pitching Too Many Ideas

According to Sami, Jon was probably pitching too many ideas to the WWE creative team.

He said this because Sami is one of the few superstars that can still work with WWE’s creative team to get promos cut for himself. “For sure I’m one of the luckier guys. It took awhile for my ideas to get through,” Sami Zayn said.

“But I’m sure Jon (Moxley) had a million ideas he was pitching. And he was a top guy. Sometimes you don’t get them through. I just started getting lucky out of nowhere. And then because some of the stuff was working and I had a good relationship with the writers; I don’t know.

I’m very lucky. I can’t complain as much as other guys when it comes to pitching things. I’ve gotten away with a lot more than most, so I don’t feel like I’m a position to complain about that. When I’m working with writers I’m putting my stuff together.

I want to put it together. That’s how I like to work. I like to be in charge of the idea, I like to give it to them, and I like them to edit it a bit and make it concise. Or in the case of a producer make sure it’s in line with Vince’s vision.

That’s what I like. I’ve been in certain moments cold and difficult, but the only times I’ve been difficult is when something is dictated to me. I don’t like that. I’ll admit, I can be difficult for sure if you’re dictating what I have to do, especially if I don’t think it’s good.