Booker T On His Biography and Praise for The Miz and John Morrison

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Booker T On His Biography and Praise for The Miz and John Morrison

Booker T, The Two-Time WWE Hall of Famer, recently spoke about his biography and had special praise for The Miz and John Morrison. Booker T has had a historic wrestling career and has fought some of WWE’s best wrestlers of all time.

He was also a top start in WCW where he won the WCW title 5 times. After joining WWE, he has to work hard to climb the corporate ladder. He appeared on The Bump where he spoke about his Biography. He has seen it and stated that he actually enjoyed watching it before it hit the theatres.

Booker T Praised the Miz and John Morrison and Talks About His Biography

“You know, the career part was really, really good. You know, the earlier part of my life,” Booker T stated. “We got a chance to watch it at one of the theaters here in Houston last week.

My wife, you know, cried a little bit. My daughter, cried a little bit. “But you know, life is about choices and decisions. I made it through that part and got into the wrestling business, and I had a historic career. It’s a story that tells anyone that’s walking through any bad times or hard times that if Booker T did it, I can do it, too.

I just gotta strap my boots on tight and go to work. It’s an awesome, awesome story. At the end of the day, fans will walk away with a moment and feel something and say, ‘Man, let me go to work!'” Booker T then praised The Miz and John Morrison for their performance against Bad Bunny and Priest.

He stated that WWE needs more people like them as they managed to perform really well as the veterans that they are. “John Morrison, you know, is very talented. He’s a great athlete as well. I give him a ’10,’ as far as the Spinaroonie goes,” Booker T complimented.

“On another note, I’ve gotta give John Morrison and The Miz the ultimate ’10,’ as far as going out and being able to general that match and create something special. The Miz is a true soldier, as far as his game goes.

That night with [Damian] Priest and Bad Bunny, those guys proved it, man. We need about 50 more guys like Miz and Morrison in the business to be ok”.