Rhea Ripley Speaks About Her Transition and Wednesday Night Wars

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Rhea Ripley Speaks About Her Transition and Wednesday Night Wars

Rhea Ripley is one of the most popular female superstars the WWE has currently. She recently spoke about her transition from NXT to the main roster and shared her thoughts about the Wednesday Night Wars. Rhea Ripley rose to fame after she beat Shayna Baszler for the NXT Title about a year ago.

She was then built by WWE as one of the most unstoppable females that the promotion has.

Rhea Ripley on AEW vs WWE and The Wednesday Wars

Rhea spoke about it on TalkSport. Her original main roster appearance was at the 2021 Royal Rumble.

“I actually found out really early that I was going to going to RAW or SmackDown,” Ripley said. “I found out before War Games actually. So it was a while before and I sort of had that in my mind. “I just went with everything.

Because you know how you get told things and it never happens or things change, so I knew but I also didn’t know in a way. But after the Royal Rumble, I was at RAW every week from then on, but before that I was always at NXT.

So I knew at least I’m there, I just didn’t know when my journey would actually start”. She also stated that she doesn’t take the AEW vs WWE war very seriously when asked about it. Just like many other WWE stars, they do not think AEW can actually compete with WWE.

During many interviews, even AEW stars have stated that AEW is not even trying to compete with WWE. “I think the internet definitely blew it up a lot more than we thought,” Rhea Ripley said. “We didn’t really think about it, at least I didn’t really think about it too much when we were on NXT.

I just went there, did my job. I totally forgot there was a ‘war’ going on. I just wanted to do the best that I could do and I think everyone was in the same boat as that. I think everyone in NXT just loves what they do so much and we just wanted to do the best that we could.

And if that meant we were in a ‘war’ with someone, I guess we’re going to fight. But I think the internet blew that up a lot more than it was”.