Christian Cage reveals his dream opponents in AEW

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Christian Cage reveals his dream opponents in AEW

One of the most sensational names of the last period who made the famous jump of the barricade, going to marry in the rings of the All Elite Wrestling of the Khan family, after having worked for decades in the WWE rings, is Christian, currently known as Christian Cage, which after the Big Show shocked fans all over the world, presenting itself in front of the television screens of the second company of America.

At Revolution, AEW's PPV, in fact, Christian Cage made his official debut on the All Elite square, leaving his WWE colleagues astonished, who only a few months earlier had seen him return to the annual Royal Rumble, with the hug together with Edge, which was absolutely not scripted, which was still vivid in the memory of everyone, insiders and fans.

Christian Cage was a WWE champion

To the microphones of the All Elite broadcast, the AEW Unrestricted, Christian Cage has returned to talk about his old company, in which he seems to have left some feuds pending, with some new talents that unfortunately he has not had the opportunity to face.

Speaking of some of the talents he would have wanted to face if only Vince McMahon had accepted, Christian said: "I'd probably say, Kevin Owens. I really like the passion that guy has. I also really like the way he manages to create his promos of him.

I think he's not afraid when he promotes him. I think he is not afraid even when he engages in his matches in the ring. I just like his style. Sami Zayn is another one I really like. I thought, especially about his character now, that we could have something really special together.

So as first thoughts on top of my head, I would say these two guys." Apparently, if only WWE had wanted, for Christian Cage there could have been two great feuds with his two countrymen from Canada, on the rings of the company and then against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Apparently, though, after signing a several-year contract with AEW, it's very unlikely we'll ever see such feuds. In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Christian Cage listed some of the dream opponents he would like to face in AEW.

It didn't come as a surprise that most of them were younger talent. He particularly pointed out current TNT Champion Darby Allin and MJF, whom he praised for being exceptionally talented at just 24. Cage also had high praise for Sammy Guevara, whom he believes has a lot of "untapped" potential.

"You have Darby Allin, who just had a great main event with Matt Hardy," Cage said. "I look at a guy like MJF who can talk the talk. He is another young guy who I think is really talented. It’s scary to think of where a guy like that might be five years from now. Sammy Guevara has got a ton of talent and a lot of that is untapped."