JD Drake Speaks About Darby Allin Match

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JD Drake Speaks About Darby Allin Match

JD Drake is a former WWN and EVOLVE wrestler and he recently spoke about his match against Darby Allin. JD Drake is actually a former Tag Team Champion, so he is well known on the indie circuit. Drake made his AEW debut against Darby Allin during an AEW Dark event.

Drake actually competed for the TNT Title, as Darby is currently putting his title on the line almost every single week. Drake appeared on Wrestling Inc. podcast to speak about how the match came together.

Drake Talks About His AEW Debut Against Darby Allin

“So Tony comes up to me and says, ‘Hey man, your work has been really solid since you’ve been here.

You’re wrestling Darby Allin next week for the TNT Championship. Get ready,'” Drake revealed. “And I kind of looked at him, and I said, ‘I stay ready.’ Okay, this works. So I come home. I racked my brain as to what the hell just happened, and I start preparing.

And then we shoot the Road To video package, and I lay everything out on the line. “Everything in that package, that’s genuine from the heart, 110%. If you want to know what JD Drake is, go to YouTube, look up Road to Dynamite between me and Darby Allin.

You’ll get to see me pull the curtain completely back, and you’ll get to see the inside of what makes me tick, I get there on that Wednesday, and the environment is just insane. Everybody’s coming up to me, talking, asking me if I’m ready and all that good stuff, and I’m trying my best to treat it like another day, but the intensity is so big just inside my chest, inside my head.

“People can’t help but tell that I’m a different human that day, and I had every intention of going out there and not just stealing a professional wrestling event, none of that. I went out there to win a championship to prove to people who’ve always told me ‘You’re too this.

You’re too white. You’re too fat. You’re too redneck. You got too much gray hair. You’re too old. You’re too broken down.’ I went out there to prove everybody wrong. That’s what I’ve done my entire career, and damn it I did”.

JD Drake also praise Darby during the same podcast. He stated that Darby can do a lot of different moves and fight much larger opponents, even though he has a very small frame.