Booker T Comments on Kenny Omega Winning Impact Title

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Booker T Comments on Kenny Omega Winning Impact Title

Booker T, the legendary 2-time WWE Hall of Famer, recently spoke about Kenny Omega winning the Impact Championship. Kenny Omega is also the AEW World Champion and his victory surprised many people. Kenny Omega has been appearing quite regularly on Impact TV.

This is due to the partnership that AEW and Impact Wrestling has. According to Booker T, Impact Wrestling made a terrible mistake by placing the title on an AEW wrestler. Booker T does not understand how does Impact benefit from placing the title on Kenny Omega.

Booker T Thinks Impact Wrestling Made a Mistake by Allowing Kenny to Win

“I don’t know what Impact is thinking right now,” Booker said. “Maybe they’re thinking about the rub. It’s a cool moment for AEW, it’s not a cool moment for Impact wrestling unless I own both companies and I was working the fans at the same time with both of my companies.

For Rich Swann to go out and lose the title to Kenny Omega, it does absolutely nothing in my opinion [for Impact]”. Kenny Omega has been AEW’s top wrestler ever since he beat Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title.

He has defended the title numerous times as well. Don Callis is currently working as Impact Wrestling’s Executive Vice President. He announced that there would be a #1 contenders match for Kenny’s title. The match took place this week between Sami Callahan and Eddie Edwards.

Kenny Omega interfered and broke the match. Kenny Omega started his AEW career as a babyface, but now he is working as a heel and regularly attacks babyface wrestlers. He is still in a feud with Jon Moxley and is slowly and steadily reviving the Bullet Club by bringing in a few members of the Elite to join as well.

Ever since Impact Wrestling and AEW started their partnership, a number of AEW talents have appeared in Impact Wrestling. They have either appeared to wrestle, for segments or in advertisements. The only Impact Wrestling talents that have appeared in AEW include Don Callis and The Good Brothers (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson).

Booker T believes that Impact Wrestling made AEW wrestlers seem better than Impact Wrestling wrestlers by allowing Swann to drop the title to Kenny. “Bottom line,” Booker T said. “If the champion gets beat, which is supposed to be your franchise player, your number one guy and then he goes out and gets beat.

I could be wrong, but for me, if it was my company, something like that wouldn’t have gone down. That’s just me”.