Darby Allin on Skateboarding and Getting Pulled Over By The Cops

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Darby Allin on Skateboarding and Getting Pulled Over By The Cops

Darby Allin is the current TNT Champion, and he recently spoke about getting pulled over by the Cops 3 times while filming his AEW Revolution entrance video. Darby Allin teamed up with Sting to fight members of Team Taz at AEW Revolution.

The match was a cinematic match and was Sting’s first match ever since he retired in 2015. Darby was on ESPN’s SportsNation, where he spoke about being pulled by the cops.

Darby Allin on Working as Tony Hawk's Stuntman

“My entrance I was filming for the pay-per-view [at AEW Revolution] with Sting, we were filming that entrance, and we got pulled over three times by the cops,” Allin revealed.

Allin said: “They just saw me skating down the street. It was like three in the morning, and I was in my face paint, speeding in a truck, and they were like, ‘What’s going on here?!’. And I was like, ‘It’s for professional wrestling, AEW.'

” Before joining the world of professional wrestling, Darby Allin was a skateboarder. In fact, he used to do stunts for Skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk. That is the reason why Darby can take huge bumps in professional wrestling matches and still not get injured.

He even recently fell down a huge flight of stairs and didn’t get injured badly. “I used to film stunts for him back in 2011, way before I stepped into a wrestling ring,” Allin said. “Fast forward all these years later, this kid who used to film stunts for him… he ended up seeing me as a professional wrestler so I kinda came full circle.

I started skating with him, going to his warehouse and it was a crazy time”. “It’s crazy but nothing has prepared me for wrestling more than skateboarding. All the years of falling on concrete, like it totally shaped me to be who I am today.

I just like to be the guy who takes the skateboarding world and takes it to the wrestling world”. Darby is currently one of AEW’s top stars. Currently, Darby Allin is working alongside legendary wrestler Sting. Sting joined AEW last year and he is currently mentoring Darby. Darby and Sting usually appear together on AEW and Sting even gets physical in the ring sometimes.