Johnny Silver Talks About His Most Famous Bits

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Johnny Silver Talks About His Most Famous Bits

Johnny Silver is a famous AEW star and he recently spoke about his most famous bits on Inside The Ropes. He spoke about AEW and Being The Elite as well. Silver is currently associated with the Dark Order stable. He spoke about his famous “Who the f**k is Griff Garrison?!” line.

“Right off the bat, I’m not sure,” Silver said. “Most of it is pretty much improv. It’s usually ‘Hey, this is the gist of it… and go.’ So most of it is improv. The only thing, actually, is ‘Who the f**k is Griff Garrison?’ as the sentence was not improv, I had that in my head.

For some reason, I had that in my head ready to go. I don’t know why but I remember pitching it to him”.

Johnny Silver Speaks About Being The Elite

Garrison is currently engaged. Johnny finds Garrison’s reaction to be extremely funny as Garrison’s reaction was very different to that line.

“So this is why I think Griff Garrison is a weirdo,” Silver said with a laugh. “Because I pitched it to him and he was just like ‘…Yeah. OK.’ So I’m like ‘All right, so we’re gonna do this.’ So we film this bit and even during it, we’re all laughing.

After, we’re all hysterically laughing. The only person not laughing after and before was Griff Garrison”. “I mean, I was in the bit and I’m off camera trying to not laugh and he’s just stone-faced!

Then after we’re done, he just walks away like nothing happened. I’m like ‘Yo, Griff Garrison might be a serial killer because he didn’t laugh at any of this.’ Brodie was laughing, I was laughing, Alex Reynolds) was laughing, we were all hysterical.

So if he becomes a serial killer, I called it right here!” Johnny then spoke about Being The Elite. He stated that the key to success is his new nature. “Pretty much everything you do is very much improv because that’s just how it works,” Johnny Silver said.

“Sometimes I’ll just have a phrase in my head and then I might use that but for the most part, it’s like ‘Hey, what are we doing this week? Well, we’re having a slumber party. All right, what’s going to happen at the slumber party?’ We might have like an end to it so we don’t just keep on rambling but for the most part, we just go and we start doing whatever. So pretty much the whole thing is improv, there’s not a lot of script going into it”.