Jon Moxley on Feeling Bad Almost All The Time

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Jon Moxley on Feeling Bad Almost All The Time

Jon Moxley is one of AEW’s top stars and he recently spoke about feeling bad almost all the time. His autobiography is going to be released soon. He was on Inside the Ropes to promote is where he spoke about how he feels.

According to him, he only feels good after a match. “I usually feel like crap most of the day, every day,” Moxley admitted. “The best I ever feel is usually right after the match, even if it was a very physically demanding match.

My adrenaline is high, I’m loose, I’m on a high, I’m feeling good. When I walk into the back and I’m bleeding and sweating and everything and all busted up, that’s usually when I actually feel the best”.

Jon Moxley Talks About How He Feels Usually When Not Wrestling

He also stated that people should not try to define wrestling as “wrestling doesn’t have to be anything”. “People try to put wrestling in a box and people try to define what wrestling is or is supposed to be – it’s not supposed to be anything, it doesn’t have to be anything,” Moxley said.

“It can be a bunch of different types of things. You know, people say it’s entertainment, people say it’s a sport, people say it’s theater, people say it’s art, people say it’s performance art and then people get mad about that.

I don’t necessarily call it that, but I don’t call it anything. I don’t know what to call it. It’s just wrestling!” According to Moxley, the worst part of his job is travelling. While he was working for WWE, he had to travel a lot.

Of course, this is not a big problem in AEW as AEW’s schedule is not very tough. “When you’re doing it at a high level, yeah, the travel is definitely the hardest part. I used to say, like, and a lot of people say that you get paid to travel, the wrestling is the fun part.

It’s the bonus part. Being in the ring for 15-20 minutes every night is your release”. Jon Moxley was known as Dean Ambrose in WWE. He was a very popular star in WWE, but he didn’t like the way the WWE Creative Team was handling him.

Reportedly, he declined to re-sign and eventually left WWE, even though he was being offered a very large sum. He joined AEW during the promotions first ever AEW Double or Nothing event.