AEW adds a new show and announces the channel move from 2022

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AEW adds a new show and announces the channel move from 2022

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) seems to be consolidating day by day, with new and exciting content that will soon be added to the already very extensive weekly schedule of the Khan family company. Yesterday, in fact, a very important announcement left the All Elite fans very happy who follow the product offered by Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and the various roster mates from day 1.

With a press release popped up online practically out of nowhere, All Elite wanted to release some really important information for its future, with the announcement of a new weekly show, which will air immediately after the time slot used by WWE for its Smackdown.

and the official move of Dynamite from TNT to TBS in the course of 2022.

AEW has seemingly leveled up since NXT moved to Tuesdays

In the press release that emerged from the pages of the official site of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), we learn of the fact that from August 13, AEW will broadcast AEW Rampage, the new secondary show of the company, which will be broadcast on TNT television screens every Friday.

evening at 22. If all this were not enough, the federation of the Khan family has also confirmed that from 2022, Dynamite will pass on the TBS television screens, entering a channel with a much larger and wider catchment area than TNT, thus also increasing the possibility of raising the weekly ratings of the Dynamite episode.

If all this news weren't enough, the AEW finally added that it will hold specials with "super cards" throughout the year on TNT televisions, so as to add more meat to its already very busy weekly programming, in a schedule that he looks richer and richer, just like that of rival company WWE.

From the TNT circles, however, the suspicion emerges that the channel shift for Dynamite, from TNT to TBS, is due to the fact that the NHL is entering the television broadcaster's schedules and therefore a channel shift was necessary due to the Turner product, however, this has not been officially confirmed.

AEW has seemingly leveled up since NXT moved to Tuesdays as Tony Khan and co. have consistently breached the one million mark in TV viewership and ratings. All Elite Wrestling has caught the attention of the masses, and there are several stories to discuss in today's edition of the AEW rumor roundup.

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