Mickie James Speaks About NWA Empowerr

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Mickie James Speaks About NWA Empowerr

Mickie James is a legendary professional wrestler and she recently appeared on the Busted Open Radio to speak about NWA Empowerr. Mickie James was one of the many WWE superstars that were released in April as part of WWE’s budget cuts.

Mickie James recently made her return to Impact Wrestling as her old character ‘Hardcore Country’. Mickie James stated that she is excited about NWA Empowerr as it is an all-women event and she will also have control over many things.

Mickie James Speaks About NWA Empowerr and Her Excitement

“I am so excited, so excited,” James said. “We went down there for the press conference, and the whole city is excited about it. And the hotel, they were so gracious.

Everyone from the hotel bigwig manager to the bell guy, they’re just beyond excited. I could just feel the buzz and it just had such good energy around it, all around. I feel like it’s going to be an incredible weekend for us.

Tickets have already gone on sale, FITE TV’s doing the package, the combo package for both PPV’s. But yeah, it’s been amazing. I’ve been on the phone. I’ve been working, on the phone, talking to people, and this is something where I’ve never really actually booked a show before.

Especially a PPV television product, like in the sense of the times, where everything goes and the talent and their deals and all the things. “It’s just a lot. It’s fun because I’m excited to have these conversations with these women to ask them and have them come to be a part of it.

But there’s so much. And the state of Missouri is a crazy state anyway. It’s not just the state athletic commission but the women, I don’t know if you remember this, but the women have to get pregnancy tests within 24 hours of their bouts or something.

It was some deal where some MMA fighter or some boxer was pregnant when she got into a fight or something. I can’t remember when it was. It was like years and years ago because that’s when they implemented that rule.

So yeah, all the fun things. Those are the funs things where I’m like ‘what? What is happening?”‘ Many people believe that Mickie James wasn’t treated well in WWE during her last run with the company.

That is the reason why many of her fans want to see her perform for All Elite Wrestling or Impact Wrestling where she would be featured more prominently.