Mickie James on Wrestling at NWA Empowerr and Having Full Control

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Mickie James on Wrestling at NWA Empowerr and Having Full Control

Legendary professional wrestler, Mickie James recently spoke about competing at NWA Empowerr and having full control over it on the Busted Open Radio. Mickie James was one of the superstars that was released by WWE recently as part of WWE’s budget cuts.

Many people believed that she wasn’t being treated well in the company. Mickie James stated that she will not wrestle at Empowerr. She will instead be competing on the 73rd Anniversary of the Show. Her opponent will be chosen by Billy Corgan.

Mickie James Speaks About NWA Empowerr and Her Control Over it

“I don’t know,” James said when asked who her opponent was. “I told Billy that I would leave that in his hands since he’s allowing me to do Empowerrr on the first night.

I’ll obviously be on the show, come out and do the waves and thank everyone for being there. But I’m trying to set it up strictly for the women and save my match for the next night. I feel like, and maybe I’m wrong, but I just felt like my energy would be split.

I’m so focused, I really want this show to come off well, I want the women to look amazing and kind of just the whole thing to be applauded at the end of the day. And I didn’t want to split my heart and my energy in the sense of ‘I’m worried about my match and the show.’ You know what I mean? So I told Billy that I would wrestle on NWA 73 and I told him whoever he wanted.

I’m excited, it’s going to be amazing. I don’t know who it’s going to be, but there’s a plethora of incredibly talented women out there”. She also revealed that Corgan has given her nearly complete control to do whatever she wants at Empowerr.

“I didn’t realize, and obviously I should and I have because I’ve known him for so long, but he is very passionate about wrestling,” James said. “I think the beautiful thing is that I’m not trying to write Powerrr or NWA 73 creative, and he’s legitimately giving me the whole space to do it myself.

Like he’s not really chimed in at all for Empowerrr. Like he said ‘you just book it.’ And obviously, there’s going to be stuff. We’re crowning the first-ever NWA, well not first-ever, we’re bringing back, re-crowning, the NWA Tag Team Champions, which haven’t been represented since 1983.

And then the Cup. We have this Cup. We’re introducing the first-ever NWA Women’s Invitational, and the winner of that Cup goes on to face the champion the next night, whoever the champion is after Empowerrr."

Mickie James also said, “So those were two big things that we’re kind of introducing. It was my idea to do the Cup, and then we had talked about doing the tag championships, and so he’s having those made.

Very excited about that. But yeah, he’s really allowing me to build it in a way, and I’ve never had that. You say ‘oh here’s a thing you can do. But then I’m going to micromanage all the little pieces of it’, instead of just going ‘no I’m trusting you.

I’m putting my faith in you. Now do it.’ That’s been pretty cool. Billy’s amazing and he’s been really good to me. I’ve sat back and watched what he’s done, what Nick’s done, what they’ve done with the NWA as I’ve been back on the road this whole time.

It’s just been incredible to watch. But now to be put in this other driver’s seat for the women, especially when that’s what I’ve put a lot of my fight into, I feel like I have a lot to prove. And this has to be successful. It has to be good. And I cannot accept anything less than perfection”.