Jeff Jarrett Speaks About Tennessee Titans Angle Helping TNA

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Jeff Jarrett Speaks About Tennessee Titans Angle Helping TNA

Jeff Jarrett is the co-founder of TNA wrestling which is now known as Impact Wrestling. He recently spoke about the Tennessee Titans angle which helped push TNA wrestling during its early days. Jeff was also featured prominently on TNA episodes.

He spoke about the popular NFL team helping TNA on My World Podcast. NFL was involved in an angle where they started attacking TNA wrestlers. This was covered by many sports news outlets and that is how TNA got into the limelight and people started knowing about it.

Jeff Jarrett Speaks About The NFL Angle that Helped TNA Rise

“The Tennessee Titans, obviously a national franchise and in the NFL, we had a clip of their players getting involved with our whole roster,” Jarrett said.

“It’s out of season for the NFL so they don’t have highlights to play, this is a clip that will immediately be service to every NFL beat writer and talk show host and Sportscenter host. Not because it was such a great clip, although it really is a great clip, it’s because it was out of season and...

there’s only so much you can show with an out route in the preseason. This was some action you could talk over. It was immediately newsworthy and Dixie [Carter] was the PR agent”. He then stated that TNA got the financial help that they required at that time due to that angle.

At that time, even Dixie Carter approached Jeff Jarrett to ask if Jeff needed help at that time. “You talk about faith or divine intervention or luck, just all of that,” Jeff Jarrett said. “I was upfront about it and said ‘We lost our funding,’ but I immediately started turning over rocks from financials and I had that conversation with Dixie and Dixie said ‘Do you have any financial materials,’ and I said ‘In fact, we’re in the process of putting that together.’ She said, ‘If you can get those to me, I think I might be able to help out.’ I had no idea who Panda [Energy] was, who Bob Carter was.

Dixie Carter and Andy Barton ran Trifecta Entertainment and they were the PR agent for TNA Entertainment, that was the relationship. “I said ‘Sure, you mind sharing who you think?’ She went into how her father was in the energy business but they’re always looking for outside investments and [Dixie would] like to have [TNA].

‘I’m going out to the ranch with my parents this weekend. I’m going out there and I’d like to be able to share something.’"