Jeff Hardy takes a fireball to his face, gets grievously injured

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Jeff Hardy takes a fireball to his face, gets grievously injured

Jeff Hardy suffered an unexpected injury when he was hit by an errant fireball on his face during his last TNA Impact fight. So much so that the video of the TNA Impact fight had to be edited because the censors didn't permit the video to be aired as is because of concern about graphic content.

But, let's start at the beginning. Since it has been long accepted that fireballs coming across at a wrestler's face could be dangerous, it's been standard practice to create fireballs from an opponent's hand.

However, in this particular fight, a lot of things went wrong from the outset. The fight James Storm spit flammable liquid from the bottle of his beer at a flame that was lit from a lighter in his other hand. However, he did so by taking a direct aim at Hardy's face.

According to Hulk Hogan, since trying to bring about a fireball in this manner took three attempts, Hardy's face had been significantly covered by the flammable liquid. As such, when Storm succeeded in creating a fireball, Hardy's face, already covered by the liquid, bore the brunt of it.

Based on what his girlfriend Beth posted on her official Twitter account, Hardy suffered severe injuries to his forehead and lips, and near his eyes that caused his skin to "blister and peel" She also added that the wrestler had emphasised that he wouldn't be going for any such stunts in the coming days hereon.

With respect to the video of the fight, after the hullabaloo had died down, TNA went on to release the unedited video which had the part about Hardy getting injured on their official Youtube channel.