Eli Drake on Importance of Evolving

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Eli Drake on Importance of Evolving

Some professional wrestlers have been in the business for over a decade. They usually have interesting stories to tell about the industry and how it functions. We hear some awesome backstage news and how wrestlers interact with each other behind the cameras.

It is all very interesting for the hardcore fan! Eli Drake is one of the most experienced professional wrestlers still working actively today. He has spent over 15 years in the wrestling industry and has worked for many indie promotions and also with the WWE.

He knows the importance of evolution! A wrestler cannot survive in the professional wrestling industry if he/she does not evolve with time! Many talented young wrestlers arrive on the indie scene every year, and a wrestler needs to be very good in order to stand out.

"The business is always evolving and you've gotta evolve with the business in a reasonable way," said Drake. "A lot of people try to evolve in unreasonable ways and I don't agree with them. But you must evolve and be better than the same guy next to you, at the same time being able to work with the guy next to you”.

it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea without doubt. A wrestler puts his/her body on the line almost every single week to entertain the fans, while also evolving to keep him/her fresh!