Gail Kim on Ultimate X Match for Women

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Gail Kim on Ultimate X Match for Women

Professional wrestling is all about entertainment! A wrestling promotions creative team works hard to provide a good product to the fans so they can keep the money rolling for the promotion. Some creative teams are able to create a unique match format that the fans enjoy watching.

Impact Wrestling has an X Division which regularly holds Ultimate X matches. They are known for that and they are very entertaining! Wrestling Inc. recently had a media call with Gail Kim who is currently handling the Knockouts division of Impact Wrestling.

She was asked whether an Ultimate X match would work for the women. She stated that she believed it will not work as those types of matches require a lot of upper body strength! Men simply have better upper body strength for those matches.

“I think that match is a lot of upper body strength and I'm not sure how many girls can execute it to that degree, and I feel like we would be compared to the X Division,” explained Kim. Gail Kim is also a former WWE wrestler, but was never considered a top talent during her run.

She was without doubt technically very sound and helped Impact Wrestling develop their Knockouts division well. We won’t however, see a women’s Ultimate X match in the near future it seems as Kim is kind of against that idea.