Taya Valkyrie On Scarlett Bourdeaux Attitude

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Taya Valkyrie On Scarlett Bourdeaux Attitude

The knockouts division of Impact Wrestling is definitely a unique one in the professional wrestling industry. The women that compete in that division are slightly more violent than the women’s division wrestlers of the WWE.

They are also given more creative freedom and allowed to plan their own matches. For quite a long time, Tessa Blanchard was on top of the Knockouts Division, until she lost her championship recently to Taya Valkyrie. She then blew her chances of having a rematch with Valkyrie when she attacked Gail Kim.

Now, Valkyrie basically has no real challenger. The only other wrestler that comes to mind that can challenge Valkyrie is Scarlett Bandeaux. Some wrestling journalists compare her to the women’s wrestlers of the Attitude Era.

She is without doubt in a league of her own due to this. On the WINCLY Podcast, Valkyrie kind of praised Bourdeaux and said that she brings something different to the table which is exactly what the knockouts division requires.

"I think it's an interesting thing. We're always trying to stand apart and create something different. If controversy is one of those things and it makes people talk, then great. We are all so different and she is just another different wrestler.

If that's what she's bringing to the table, then that's what she's bringing to the table," said Valkyrie. There is no doubt that controversy is what Bourdeaux uses to get over with the fans and she is actually quite good at it.