Scarlett Bordeaux on Her Popularity

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Scarlett Bordeaux on Her Popularity

The internet is accessed by billions of people around the world. An individual can earn millions of dollars through the internet. Content creators have risen in popularity over the years and some believe that content creators are more popular than some TV Channels.

Whether an individual earns through ad revenue or sponsorships, the money that can be earned is usually big. Scarlett Bordeaux is a wrestler that is signed with Impact Wrestling. She is an integral part of the company and regularly competes in the knockouts division.

She is very popular on the internet and her videos get millions of views on YouTube. She spoke to Wrestling Inc. on their podcast where she stated that she believes that the attention that she has received was long overdue. Her best videos have received over 15 million views.

She started wrestling back in 2009 when she was still in high school. During the podcast, she stated that she wanted to be the center of the spotlight and liked famed. She is not at all surprised by the fame that she has gained.

"[I'm] actually not very surprised, I almost feel like is what it should have been for years now,” stated Bordeaux. We just hope that Bordeaux keeps giving us exciting matches and segments. Who knows, we may end up seeing her working for a bigger promotion in the near future.